Report from the Village Gate Toy Show by the Under Scoop Fire crew

UnderScoopFire is a website dedicated to children of the 80’s and it also offers up one of my favorite weekly podcasts. Last week, the USF crew was talking about the upcoming Village Gate Toy Show in Rochester, New York and I asked Howie Decker if he’d mind sending along some photos of the show. Well, much to my surprise, he nearly choked my email provider with a ton of great pictures. Check it out…

rochester toy show under scoop fire crew

“Hashtag” the UnderScoopFire crew: Googs, Howie & son Charlie, Corey, Chad E Young, Joe, and Tank.
(Remember Tank? We did a collector profile on him a while back.)

rochester toy show floor

The Village Gate Toy Show looks like an amazing event with plenty of vintage toys for all kinds of collectors…

rochester toy show transformers

A sea of Transformers, old and new.

rochester toy show battle beasts

Battle beasts!

rochester toy show star wars vehicles

Vintage Star Wars box art is so iconic. It’s always great to see a shelf of these boxes.

rochester toy show mask toys and vehicles

I probably would have dropped a bundle at this M.A.S.K. table.

rochester toy show motu castles

Castle Grayskull and Snake Mountain always bring back a flood of memories.

rochester toy show motu sectaurs

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Sectaurs in a glass case before.

rochester toy show gi joe action figures

G.I. Joe was well-represented.

rochester toy show super powers action figures

The box art on those Super powers toys gets better with age.

rochester toy show garbage pail kids gpk trading cards

Garbage Pail Kids and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles — two of my favorite things.

rochester toy show corey and cosplayers

This toy show even had cosplayers. Corey made some new friends.

rochester toy show dreadnok

Real-life Dreadnok sighting! (That was JD’s joke from the General Geekery podcast, so please send all hate mail to him directly).

rochester toy show tanks haul

Tank added these toys to his collection.

A HUGE thanks to Googs, Howie, Corey, Joe, and Tank, of the UnderScoopFire team, for allowing me to share their photos here. Now, head over to and listen to the podcast about their visit to the toy show. Are you scoopin’ it!?!


    • says

      Howie, thanks again for letting us enjoy the show vicariously through your photos and podcast. There are so many items in those pictures that would have found their way into the trunk of my car, it’s probably best for my wallet that Rochester is 400 miles away. 😉

  1. says

    Man I love a good toy show, I have recently started vending at shows myself. It is such a rush wheeling and dealing at these events. These pictures are awesome! I love the bigger shows like that!

    • says

      I’d love to hear some of those stories! I know I’ll end up selling at a show some day but for now, I’m happy to be on the other side of the table.

  2. Lamar the Revenger says

    LOVE IT!! I’ve seen Sectaurs under glass.. There’s 3 left (each 30 bucks) at this collectible shop near my work..


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