Report from last weekend’s Toy & Collectible Show at the Timonium Fairgrounds

timonium fairgrounds toy vintage toy show

Early on Saturday morning, I made the trek to Maryland to visit the Dave Hart Shows, Toy and Collectible Show. Apparently, this show comes around twice a year, but this was the first time I had ever been — it won’t be the last!


The show was held in the 4-H building at the Timonium Fairgrounds, just north of Baltimore. Over 80 dealers were selling the goods, and I did my best to help lighten their load.


This vendor took the prize for the most eye-catching booth with three life-size Predator props demanding you to look around.


I’m not sure if it was the location or the fact that it was such a nice day outside, but all the vendors were extremely nice and approachable. I asked plenty of questions and learned a lot about items I had never seen before. I caught up with a few vendors that I know and met some new folks that I hope to see again. Here’s a photo of Brent Stokes’ booth, which is always filled with awesome vintage toys.


Here is one item that I would have loved to throw in the trunk of my car, but I didn’t even dare ask the price on it. This Bat bike was pristine!

timonium fairgrounds toy show haul

Here’s what I did bring home with me. Overall, it was a successful day of toy hunting!


In the cheapo bins, I managed to find these great space toys to add to the collection.


Now, this is why you should go to toy shows or antique stores! I had NO IDEA these things existed, but now I want them all. This is a snap together Dr. Seuss “Norval, the Bashful Blinket” model kit that Revell put out in the 60′s. I saw this guy on three different tables, at vastly different prices, but this one came home with me. After looking on eBay, I probably overpaid at $30, but man, he looks great on the shelf!


I rescued all of these awesome James Bond items out of a dollar bin! Seriously? Apparently, no one else thought these were as awesome as I did?


I went to the show hoping to find a vintage Batman item to add to my collection, and I found two–and a really cool 1966 Superman ball maze, and a miniature Hulk bank to go along with the large version I already have.

One seller had a dozen of those Mexican bootleg Batman figures and some Superman ones as well. I should have bought every last one of them — I’ll have to check back with him at the next show!


I am such a a sucker for vintage target game boards. I almost bought three of them, but limited myself to just this one, which spins around in a mesmerizing fashion. I’m getting sleepy…

This was a great show for any toy collector, and I can’t wait to visit it again in the Fall. If you’re within driving distance of Baltimore, you should check it out–just leave the vintage Batman toys for me!


  1. says

    Oh, Man! I’ve been looking for one of those red bootleg Batman figures for about 5 years. When you said he had dozens, was it the same figure?
    If you run across the seller at another show (an they aren’t priced astronomically high) would you be able to see if he does online sales? I’d buy one in a heartbeat if he has more.

    Looks like a great haul. Love those Bond toys. I remember having the exploding pen way back when.

    • says

      I definitely plan to seek out that seller at the next show, and if he still has those Batman figures, I will buy them all, and spread them around!

      • says

        That’d be amazing, Brian!
        I stared collecting bootleg stuff (Mainly from Mexico, some from Argentina) about 4 years ago and that red Batman is one of my “White Whales”. Not even sue where he’s from. I’ve heard Chine, Mexico, and Argentina.
        For some reason, I just love the look of him.

        BTW, heard you on Nerd Lunch this week. Great job on the episode!

  2. matt says

    Man those dollar James Bond goodies were there LAST July, I snagged a couple. I guess we are the only 2 Bond nerds in attendance! My wife also found me this time 2 Bond Gilbert toys in the dollar bin…..go figure

  3. Patrick Bunn says

    What is the date of the next show?

    I had heard about these from a friend of mine but went to the train show thinking it was the toy show he had described.

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