Pop culture found at the car show

There’s nothing more fun than stumbling across pop culture in the wild. This weekend, we visited a classic car show in a local restaurant’s parking lot, and I was glad I had my camera to document the pop culture references that caught my eye…

car show ratfink

Rat Fink!

car show Back to the future delorean

Where’s the flux capacitor?

car show king kong

Now I know what to paint on the side of my van.

car show ferrari crash

Two seconds earlier and the owner of this Ferrari may have had a very, very bad day.



  1. says

    I think I might have grappled with the thought of automobile theft had I seen the Delonran at Super Mega Show, but it didn’t show up :( Bad enough I was fighting it when I looked at the ’66 Batmobile and BatCycle

    • says

      This one was a little worn-looking. It’s front seat was filled with papers and fast food wrappers! not sure if it was part of the show, or just a guy with a DeLorean who happened to stop by.

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