This week’s assignment from the League: My life in one square foot

Last week, we were lamenting about wasting money, and this week’s challenge for the League of Extraordinary Bloggers is a photo assignment… — Photo Assignment: My life in one square foot. — Arrange items that describe you within a 12″ x 12″ space and take a picture. If you want some inspiration, check out these photos on […]

Batman and Robin electric toothbrush by Janex

Have you ever bought somebody’s old toothbrush? No? Well, you clearly have more sense than me. I like nothing more than plastic that has been formed into the shape of a favorite character. Figural products are a passion of mine, and I recently added this beauty to the Batman collection… This toothbrush has eluded me […]

Rolling the dice at the Thrift Shop

The thrill of the hunt is pretty great, but you know what’s even better? Gambling! Thrift shop gambling to be precise. Shopping at thrift stores is a guilty pleasure of mine — like the good man says, it’s f*%king awesome. They’re basically year-round yard sales, and you know how I like a good yard sale! The […]

Collectors are insane

Warning: This article exemplifies the pot calling the kettle black. I am a collector. I have spent way too much money on way too much stuff, but I am not alone. I think it’s fair to say that collectors, in general, are borderline insane. There really is no logical reason to spend thousands of dollars […]