My new copilot has already been grounded

I couldn’t resist this awesome Neca Alien body knocker at the toy store yesterday. My wife was thrilled to find him stuck to the dashboard of our minivan this morning while taking the kids to school. When she returned, it didn’t take too much effort for me to remove all the duct tape residue once I found the bottle of Goo Gone. […]

Airbrush art of the 80’s was chrome-tastic!

The 80’s was a decade of many things — excess, greed, and big hair, to name a few — but it was also the heyday for airbrush art. As a teenager in the late 80’s, I desperately wanted an airbrush so I could paint my favorite band logos on the back of my jean jacket, and maybe make […]

A bad case of the Mondays

Have you ever had the collecting blues? I’m not sure if it’s going around, but I know some other people who have had it, so keep an eye out for it. Lately, I’ve just been really down in regards to the collecting community, and I’m going to blame the biggest, easiest target: social media. I’ve […]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

As my kids were getting ready for school this morning, my youngest had to make sure that he was wearing something green because he didn’t want to get pinched. Then he stated that the Hulk never had to worry about getting pinched. I know I wouldn’t pinch him.

New book for the Star Wars collector in the works

Battlegrip’s Philip Reed has to be the most caffeinated man on the planet. Every time I turn around, it seems like he has a new book in the works. Universe Expanded: An Unauthorized Guide to Kenner’s 1998 Star Wars Action Figures is well on its way to attaining its funding goal, but every little bit helps so head […]

A few of my favorite things — Hake’s auction #214

Did you feel that? A disturbance in the force of collecting, as if millions of collectors cried out with joy — Hake’s has released their latest auction catalog. Okay, maybe that’s a little melodramatic but I actually feel that way when a new Hake’s catalog is unveiled online. I feel as if collectors across the globe […]

Toy Bloggers United Contest!

The very first Toy Bloggers United contest is now officially underway. Matt over at the Toy Box has coordinated an awesome new contest for toy fans and collectors. To enter, all you have to do is add a comment on the contest page (not here on the page you’re reading now!). Prizes have been supplied by Cool & Collected […]