Collectors who corner the market

I saw this article on ESPN this morning about a collector who has been secretly buying up every 1964 Topps Curt Flood trading card. Whether he intended to or not, Mike Haply has cornered the market for that particular card. Collectors who try to complete their set are forced to pay an average of $30 […]

This week’s assignment from the League: Dinner Party

Last week, the League of Extraordinary Bloggers‘ was tracking down some cryptids.  Your assignment this week… — Dinner Party! Invite five guests (dead, alive, or fictional) for the ultimate dinner party.  — Once you put up a post on your site, add a comment below with the URL so everyone knows where to find it. Remember to include links to your fellow […]

Bigfoot and me

As a young boy with a very impressionable mind, one of my earliest obsessions was Bigfoot. I remember being fascinated by the creature — I would repeatedly check out every book in the school library, devouring all the grainy black and white photos, and second-hand stories. A close friend of mine told me that his grandfather was a big […]

This week’s assignment from the League: Cryptozoology

Last week, the League of Extraordinary Bloggers‘ was comparing and contrasting things. Honestly, I was trying to get more people to contribute with a softball of a topic, but I obviously haven’t figured out the formula yet! After several years of developing these League topics, I never know what is going to generate the most responses, so let’s try a more specific, obscure […]