What’s going on back there? Taking better toy photos

It’s amazing how the background of a picture can take a photo from meh to magnificent! It’s not difficult to achieve some really exciting results using items you can find laying around the house. If you want your subject to really pop out, use a background color from the opposite side of the color wheel. Greedo is green, so an orange sheet […]

Lights, Camera, Action Figures!

So, there’s a theme going on this week — action figure photography. Taking photos of action figures is one of my favorite hobbies, it’s like being a photographer to the stars, without the big budget and celebrity egos. Action figures are just lifeless lumps of plastic, but you might be surprised at how life-like those figures […]

“Explosive” trick for action figure photography

I’ve been playing with my toys lately, and found this amazingly simple trick to really add some bang to your action figure photography. You only need three things that you probably already have laying around the house: 1. cotton, 2. yellow spray paint, and 3. flashlight. Spray paint the cotton — don’t worry about total coverage […]

Batman Forever… Stamps

The US Postal Service has been taking a lot of heat lately for their “non-traditional” stamps, but if it gets us Batman stamps, I’m okay with it. Bring on an Adam West/Burt Ward tribute series next. Now those are true American heroes!

I enjoyed my visit without even leaving home!

I don’t know how they did it, but this is awesome… While soliciting recommendations for the Pop Culture Destinations Map, I came across this awesome virtual tour of Toy Anxiety, in Phoenix, AZ. Somehow, the proprietors harnessed the power of Google street maps to give a walk-through tour of the inside of their shop. We are living in a […]