Product placement is back in full force!

If you’ve been grocery shopping or visited a toy store recently, you’ve no doubt been inundated with pop culture characters emblazoned on products throughout the store. It seems like there is more product placement than we’ve seen since the 80’s, and I love every last bit of it! The Avengers are on cereal and cracker boxes, soda […]

Collection Update: May 2015

There’s nothing I love more than looking through other people’s collections. Things have certainly moved around since the last time I took you on a tour of my own cave. After the Great Flood of 2015 (not really), I decided to rearrange the shelves and focus more on the heroes in my collection, which is where pretty much all […]

KRAAACK! — NECA 1/4 scale 1966 Batman

This post has been simmering for a long time. Back in November, I purchased this huge 1/4 scale Batman figure from Big Bad Toy Store as soon as it went on sale. When I opened the box, I was ecstatic! The Adam West likeness is incredible, and the figure stands at over 18″ tall — this is […]

Yard sale season has begun!

You smell that? The scent of grass clippings, cherry blossoms, and people’s musty old junk hauled out of storage — thats right, yard sale season is here! I had pretty good luck at a big community yard sale this past Saturday. Yard sales are where I get my stock for the year — items that I can resell online to […]

Toy Bloggers United Contest — Round 2

Several toy bloggers have come together to bring you another awesome contest. The first time we did this, it was a big success, and the prize pack for the newly announced contest is going to be even better. Contributions have been provided by the following sites: All you have to do to enter is leave a comment […]

That moment when insurance sounds like a good idea…

I was settling in to finally watch Godzilla the other night, when I heard an unfamiliar sound — splat, splat, splat. My cave is always filled with strange new sights, but rarely strange new sounds, so I went to investigate and found one of the ceiling lights had water dripping from it. Let me tell […]