Report from Steel City Con

Once again, Mike Bartley, a friend of Cool & Collected, wrote up an awesome recap of his visit to Pittsburgh’s Steel City Con.   It’s that time of year again. When the icy grip of winter relents and allows access through the mountainous passes that separate Philadelphia from Pittsburgh, PA. I attended the April 2015 Steel […]

Help me internet, you’re my only hope.

Earlier today, I did something that was either really stupid, or incredibly amazing — I just don’t know which. I need your help. I purchased this signed Star Wars poster from “some guy.” There is no documentation and all the information I have is that this guy, let’s call him “Slipping Jimmy,” bought it at a pawn shop years […]

My new copilot has already been grounded

I couldn’t resist this awesome Neca Alien body knocker at the toy store yesterday. My wife was thrilled to find him stuck to the dashboard of our minivan this morning while taking the kids to school. When she returned, it didn’t take too much effort for me to remove all the duct tape residue once I found the bottle of Goo Gone. […]

Airbrush art of the 80’s was chrome-tastic!

The 80’s was a decade of many things — excess, greed, and big hair, to name a few — but it was also the heyday for airbrush art. As a teenager in the late 80’s, I desperately wanted an airbrush so I could paint my favorite band logos on the back of my jean jacket, and maybe make […]