Yard Sale Finds — American Pickers version

I haven’t written about my yard sale finds much lately because the Facebook groups and Instagram feeds are overflowing with that sort of thing, but I had to share what I found this past Saturday because I am downright giddy over these things… The guy I bought these vintage advertising signs from was in the […]

I found my new ride — Captain Nemo’s Nautilus Car

I didn’t even know I was in the market for a new car, but when I saw this, I realized that my wheels could definitely could use an upgrade. This beauty is Captain Nemo’s Nautilus car from 2003’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. It’s a fully-functioning vehicle, so I could conceivably drive it to Dunkin’ Donuts for my morning caffeine fix — though […]

This King Kong poster tells a story

Last night, this Belgian Congo King Kong poster sold at emovieposter.com with a final bid of $479.00 — you know it’s something special when the experts at emovieposter.com have never seen one before. There’s no telling how high the price may have reached if the poster was in better condition, but personally, I love it just […]

Mondo Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles posters

Check out this awesome assortment of turtle power that Mondo will release tomorrow… Tom Whalen. 18″x24″ screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 300. Rich Kelly. 18″x24″ screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 300. JC Richard. 36″x16.5″ screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 225. Andrew Kolb. 18″x24″ screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 175. This is […]

Have you seen Sherlock? It’s not bad.

Here I am, arriving several years late to the party again, but I blame Dr. Who this time. I have given the Doctor several tries, but he keeps turning me off, and I hold him accountable for steering me clear of most things spawned in Britain — I just could never figure out what I was missing, and why I couldn’t latch […]

Funko Invisible Man ReAction figure exclusive

The Funko ReAction figures have stormed onto store shelves everywhere, but there’s only one place where you can get the Invisible Man that is actually “invisible.” Entertainment Earth has the invisible Invisible Man variant figure up for preorder now. Is it just me, or does anyone else think of Ed Begley, Jr. in Amazon Women […]