Monkeying around at the latest Hake’s Auction

Lately, I’ve been writing way too much about my ape fetish, but there is an item in the new Hake’s auction catalog that would be an incredible addition to my growing Planet of the Apes collection. Take a look at this beauty…

planet of the apes tommy gun

From the days before bright orange tips were required on toy guns, comes this amazing Tommy-Burst gun with ape mask! I’ve seen these guns before, but the decals are always missing, making it a rather generic toy. I’ve never seen the box or mask in such great shape, and this would truly be a prized item.

mego soldier ape action figure

There is also a fine assortment of MOC Mego Planet of the Apes figures. I keep telling myself that I’m not a Mego collector, but if that’s the case, why am I constantly drawn to them? I’d love to have this Soldier Ape figure, but then I would probably need the others to keep him company.

Now, continuing with the monkey business, this next item absolutely pains me to see, because I know it will never be mine…

king kong aurora model kit prototype

This is a one of a kind prototype for the original Aurora King Kong model kit. Now if you know me at all, you know my love for King Kong and especially this model kit. I own three of these built up kits and one in the original box. This prototype is a museum piece and it deserves to be loved and coddled like a little child. It was carved out of acetate plastic by Larry Ehling, a sculptor who worked for Aurora in the 60’s. This master pattern was assembled and painted by staff members, then used for catalog photography and other promotional purposes, and is the ultimate collectible for any fan of Aurora monster model kits.

There’s plenty more to see in the current auction, and I can’t wait to see how high these items reach when the auction closes on July 15.


  1. hobgoblin238 says

    I had hair left over from a Lily Munster wig in the Monster Cafe. I used some of it to put hair all over my King Kong. It didn’t turn out so badly.

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