Mondo’s SDCC exclusives: Drew Struzan’s Dark Tower and Martin Ansin’s Conan

It’s times like these that living on the east coast really kind of blows. Check out these two posters that Mondo will have available at next month’s San Diego Comic Con.

mondo drew struzan dark tower poster

As a movie poster fan and collector, it doesn’t get much better than the story behind this Dark Tower poster by Drew Struzan. If you watched the Stephen King movie The Mist, you’ll recognize this poster as the one that was painted by the main character, David Drayton, a movie poster artist much like Mr. Struzan. The painting was for a “fictional” movie by King, based on his epic series, The Dark Tower. In the movie, the painting for the poster was destroyed in a storm, but of course, that was just in the movie. Struzan retained the original art, and now prints are being offered by Mondo at SDCC. You can buy the original painting for a mere $120,000, but Mondo’s $275 print is probably a bit more manageable.

The Struzan poster is amazing, but holy smokes look at this Conan poster by Martin Ansin!

mondo martin ansin conan poster

Ansin is my favorite poster artist these days, with good reason–he keeps churning out wallet-busting greatness like this one. His posters are so well-designed and illustrated that they make most other artists look like amateurs.

Both of these posters will go on sale on Mondo’s website this Friday (July 12, 2013), but the catch is that you will need to pick them up in person at SDCC. So, um, if anyone happens to be in San Diego next month and wants to do me a favor…


  1. Brent says

    I was looking over your “Top 1980′s Action Figures” and thought I’d add some additional ones. Although it was technically released in the early 1980s as a pack figure–basically, himself, another figure, and a vehicle, the Mego released 3 3/4ths inch Greatest American Hero figure of “Ralph” consistently sells loose just by himself for 100-150 bucks. Add Bill Maxwell to that and you’ve got a good 200-250. Add the package and the VW bug and it’s leaning towards 500-700 dollars now. The third series Mego Micronauts are also of honorable mention. They actually came out in 1980 or so, and usually command 75-100 a piece loose. (Centaurus, Lobros, and Kronos)

    I’m not fully schooled on some of the rarer LJN Dungeons and Dragons figures, but I think some of the later ones from the 80s often command 50-125 bucks. Such as Hawkler, Mandoom, etc.

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