KONGTOBER 30 — King Kong Mexican lobby card

king kong mexican lobby card

I have saved the best for last as we near the end of KONGTOBER. Here we have a vintage Mexican lobby card used to promote the re-release of the original 1933 King Kong movie. This lobby card is from the 60’s and is absolutely stunning.

king kong mexican lobby card

The colors are so rich it looks like it was silkscreened. This card is about 50 years old but other than some slight yellowing of the paper, it looks as vibrant as the day it was printed.

king kong mexican lobby card

There was a series of these lobby cards with the only difference between each print being the black and white photo in the lower right corner. This example has a nice shot of the two stars, Bruce Cabot and Fay Wray.

king kong mexican lobby card

The back side of the poster has some ink ruboff from when it was stacked at the printer before drying. There is an abundance of reproductions and fake lobby cards and movie posters out there, but this one is the real deal and is one of the jewels in my King Kong collection.

“Don’t be alarmed, ladies and gentlemen. Those chains are made of chrome steel.” All month long, I will be showing off King Kong collectibles from my personal collection in a series called KONGTOBER, so if you’re a fan of King Kong and movie monsters, I think you’re going to like what you see.


  1. says

    I will translate this to you, Brian 😀
    The title says “King Kong Comes back!”
    Yellow Text: “His Destructive fury is unbelievable… everything dissapears under his steps!”
    Light Blue text below: mentions the starring.
    Light blue text to the right: “The most powerful monster of all times, sowing terror and death!

    Read this! A peruvian Delicious King Kong 😀

    • says

      That’s awesome! Thanks Yelinna, for both the translation and that link! The packaging on those cookies could really use a giant gorilla. 😉

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