Hollywood Treasure – “The Munster Hunt” Episode Recap and Review

The Profiles in History crew decide to hold an appraisal clinic in an effort to drum up some new business. It’s basically a Hollywood version of Antiques Roadshow.

hollywood treasure Jackass Steve-O Underwear

We get to see some of the items that people bring to the event, such as some Star Trek film from the 60’s (est. $200-300). There are several creepy items, including Frank Sinatra’s hairpiece, which Brian says looks like a tribble (est. $1-2k), and Steve-O of Jackass fame brings one of his very own banana hammocks (est. $2-3k). I really don’t want to see the person who would pay three grand for that.

hollywood treasure Freddy Krueger gloves

Next up are some prop Freddy Krueger gloves made by Lou Carlucci. Carlucci’s wife brought them in for the appraisal, but isn’t happy with Joe’s estimate of $10k, so she doesn’t consign them for auction at this time.

hollywood treasure Vincent Zurzola

Joe goes to an animation convention with Jon. Now this is the kind of event we don’t see around D.C. This place looks awesome!

Vincent Zurzola of Metropolis Comics is there, and he shows Joe and Jon a rare copy of Action Comics #1. This is the copy of Action Comics #1 that made headlines earlier this year, because it was found in the basement of a family who was going into foreclosure. Needless to say, the family was able to increase their credit rating after the comic sold. Zurzolo gives Joe a Green Hornet #1 for his upcoming auction.

hollywood treasure Sleeping Beauty animation art

Joe talks with Mike Van Eaton, of Van Eaton Galleries, and convinces him to consign an incredible concept painting from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty signed by the artist, Eyvind Earle.

hollywood treasure Eddie Munster book

This is the point in the show where we see Tracey having trouble. She is trying to track down Eddie Munster items based on a biography she has, but all her leads have run dry. Jon swoops in to save the day and states the obvious, asking if she has contacted the author of the book. Ding, ding, ding!

Tracey meets with the author, Helen Darras, and learns that she has the original Eddie Munster’s jacket, and is interested in consigning it. Joe tells her it could go for $3,000 but Darras is expecting upwards of $10,000.

hollywood treasure Superman comic book

Joe gets a mystery box from Metropolis Comics’ Vincent Zurzola. He opens it to find an item that would send fanboys to the moon — it contains a copy of Superman #1 graded at CGC 4.5. Jon is thrilled. I’ve been on the fence regarding Jon, but the more they show him, the more I think I might grow to like him. He comes across as a big oaf, but he knows his stuff — or at least the writers are feeding him some good lines.

hollywood treasure8 Eddie Munster jacket

It’s auction day, and the Sleeping Beauty concept art sells for an impressive $10,000, but the Eddie Munster jacket sells for a disappointing $3,500. Green Hornet #1 fetches $1,800, while the marquee item of the 1939 Superman #1 sells for a whopping $90k.

Syfy, you’re getting back in my good graces. All you have to do is show a comic book-related item, and I promise I will keep watching. If I had the money, I would gladly buy any of the items shown in this episode — with the exception of Steve-O’s bikini briefs. Anybody else see anything they would die to own?


  1. JON says

    Hi Brian,

    This “big oaf” REALLY DOES know his stuff, trust me, comics and comic art and props are my passions and my hobbies both…glad I’m starting to win you over…LOL 😉

    I love reading your blogs on our show by the way…thanks for the kind words and I’m glad we keep you coming back week after week.


    • says

      BWAHAHA! Jon, the fact that you commented on my blog, instantly accelerated you to the top of my list of favorite people on TV. I obviously watch the show religiously and know that if you are in a segment, the item being shown is going to be one that interests me. Hollywood Treasure is the best thing on TV, and you have one of the best jobs in the world.

    • says

      Having been to many auctions, I can tell you that a great auctioneer can make or break a sale. i agree with you that the folks at Profiles in History have a great auctioneer.

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