G.I. Joe figures for sale

After the last few batches of toys, I got a bunch of emails from people wanting to see if I had any G.I. Joe figures for sale. I’m trying to clear out some space by selling in bulk. Make me an offer! And be sure to check out the TMNT figures and the other action figures I put up earlier. Shipping will be $12 to U.S. addresses unless an item is overly large or heavy.

gijoe-action-figures-for-sale-7 gijoe-action-figures-for-sale-6 gijoe-action-figures-for-sale-5 gijoe-action-figures-for-sale-4

This Storm Eagle is still sealed, and the Liquidator has been opened but doesn’t appear to have been removed from the box:gijoe-action-figures-for-sale-3

The figures and vehicle below have never been opened:

gijoe-action-figures-for-sale-2 gijoe-action-figures-for-sale-1

For the knock-off collectors — Battlevision! Front of box has a puncture but this has never been opened:



Let me know if you see anything you want.  I’ll gladly combine shipping with items listed in my online shop as well (those prices are negotiable since I’m in a selling mood!).


  1. says

    Didn’t see any in the pics above, but if you have any Ace figures, I’d be interested. Working on a Skystriker Restro/Mod and I need a couple of matching pilots.


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