Drive poster by James White (AKA Signalnoise)

signalnoise drive poster

Last month, @Signalnoise sent out a tweet that he had a few of his posters available in his shop and I immediately pounced on this Drive print. That pink just could not get any hotter!

I went through a bit of Mondo burnout last year after their designs got a bit stale (they’ve been on a roll lately, though), and Signalnoise’s work really jumped in and filled some of that void. If you haven’t seen it, be sure to check out his posters for The Thing and Terminator 2.


It’s been a while since I have updated the main wall of the cave, and I think this poster is going to stay for a long time.


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    I wasn’t too crazy about the film, but I really liked the cinematography and the soundtrack was really great.

    That’s a badass poster, though, looks amazing!

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      It’s weird how people either really hated this movie or really loved it. Not much middle ground. I’ll be curious to see if it becomes a classic or a long lost memory in years to come.

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    Yeah, that poster is the best. I’d kind of love for him to produce some unofficial DVD cover inserts featuring it so that I can replace the shitty one that is on my official DVD. P.S. Why isn’t there an indie graphic design movement for printing small runs of better-than-official DVD cover inserts? This should be a thing.

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    The beginning of that movie is straight awesome! SPOILER ALERT I love when he walks out of the garage pops on the cap and it cuts to the bad ass intro with “Night Call” playing. Ok I’m done! Nice poster by the way!

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      It has a great indie feel to it, which is faint praise or vague… I know… but most of my favorite movies don’t fall into the classic Hollywood mold with the cloned pacing and camera work.

      This movie has that darkness running under it the entire time that sets it apart from the typical action fare, and the violence and crime in it feel so much more visceral and animal than what we’re usually comfortable with seeing on the screen. It’s used to effect, not just bland forgettable filler. I love small movies like this that make the viewer uncomfortable, and put them on unsure ground compared to the films where you know its all going to work out, and the guy’s going to end up with the girl no matter what the stakes.

      I really need to own this movie, and have no idea why I haven’t bought it yet.

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