Complete M.A.S.K. collection video

Masked Crusaders, Working Overtime,
Fighting Crime, Fighting Crime!

Check out this excellent 1980’s M.A.S.K. collection…

This guy’s collection is so nice, I will forgive him for pronouncing it as “mosque” the whole time. (kidding.)


  1. says

    Very nice. Glad he has some displayed outside the box. If you know my pedigree, I became obsessed with M.A.S.K. a couple years ago. I set out to collecting all the vehicles through the racing series and now just lack 3 for collecting them all! No boxes though, I have them in just storage boxes now (until I can display them properly someday) and get them down and play… Err… Let my boys play with them when they get the urge.

    Shawn, I have one of the books and a good portion of the comics.

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