Collector Profile: Tokyo Toy Guy’s fantastic Batman collection

If you are a Batman collector, odds are that you’re familiar with the Tokyo Toy Guy’s documentaries. Yuji has travelled the world to document other collectors and museums focusing on Batman memorabilia, so I thought it would be fun to take a tour of the Toy Guy’s own collection… How did your collection start? What was the first item […]

Collector Profile: Take a tour of Jonathan’s Harvey Mercheum

Jonathan is a serious collector of Harvey Comics memorabilia, with an emphasis on Richie Rich items, and he offered to take us on a tour of his collection… How did your collection start? What was the first item in your collection? The items I would consider the first in my merchandise collection were given to […]

Collector Profile: Atomic City Pop’s excellent eclectic collection

I’ve had the privilege of showing many collections on this site, but when Atomic City Pop sent me his photos recently, it was as if I was looking at my own collection, rearranged on someone else’s shelves. We share almost identical interests, and just knowing there is another collector seeking out a fabled blue AJ Renzi King […]

Tokyo Toy Guy showcases Batman collections around the world

I have found Heaven, and apparently, it’s in Thailand, or maybe Singapore. “Tokyo Toy Guy” is a documentary five years in the making, which showcases the world’s greatest Batman collections. These newly released clips focus on Bat-Cat’s Batman museum in Bangkok, Thailand and the Singapore Mint Museum of Toys. Tokyo Toy Guy @ Bangkok Episode2 […]