Bootleg Batman action figure toy from Mexico

Here’s a recent addition I made to the collection after visiting a toy show earlier this summer.


This is a large, 12″ plastic, blow-molded figure from Mexico. The head is reminiscent of an old Mego figure, but the rest of the figure is in a world by itself. I bought this for $10 from a vendor who had a box full of them along with some Superman figures. The fact that I didn’t buy his entire stock will haunt me for a long time, seeing that this exact figure is up on eBay for $200 right now.


The vendor who sold this to me told me how the figure always made him laugh because it looks like Batman was in his underwear.

mexican bootleg batman toy action figure

Batman is not amused.


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    So many great Mexican bootleg toys out there! I think it’s the way it makes us look at the toys/heroes/whatever in this weird new light… looking at a knock-off toy makes us that much more aware of what it is that makes Batman “Batman”. When the details are off it wakes us up to what makes the icons the icons. This is also what makes these hilarious because it’s obvious they’re meant to be taken seriously.

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    I tried to get in touch with Jessevader08 from the old rumorbuster site I used to haunt… his bootleg Darth Vader Collection is AMAZING. You should definitely check them out. This is the old message board thread where he features them:!)/msg9593/#msg9593

    Now mind you, that was back in 2010, so I have no idea what he’s accumulated since then. If you scroll further down the thread he shows off all of his legit Star Wars collection, and it is AMAZING.

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    I’ve always found bootlegs interesting, but I hear you on passing up buying any collectible at a discount rate. They’re are many times I passed on buying toys cheap either because I was rushed or couldn’t afford to. One time I passed on a wall full of Mego Hulks at TRU on clearance for a $1 a piece. I was in my teens then, but still what I wouldn’t do to go back in time pick all those up for a buck. Easily could be turning $100 into $100,000 right now.

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