Book Report: JAWS — Memories from Martha’s Vineyard

Jaws: Memories from Martha's Vineyard

You’re gonna need a bigger book shelf for this new offering from Titan Books. Jaws: Memories from Martha’s Vineyard by Matt Taylor is a massive retrospective about the filming of the classic Spielberg film. This book delves into the movie’s production like no book ever has before.  This is an expanded production diary that tells what went on behind the scenes with the production and casting on Martha’s Vineyard. There is everything from vignettes of the island’s locals who participated in the filming of the show, to receipts for boats used in the movie–to say this book is exhaustive is an understatement.

Jaws: Memories from Martha's Vineyard

This book captures what it was like to live on Martha’s Vineyard when Hollywood came to town. It seems like every resident of the island was affected in some way and most of them have their own stories and snapshots. While interviewing those people, the author tracked down plenty of their old Polaroid and Instamatic images and compiled them in this book. In fact, the ideal audience for this book is possibly residents of Martha’s Vineyard first, and fans of the movie second.

Jaws: Memories from Martha's Vineyard

This book is loaded with photos and concept drawings that show how “Bruce” was brought to life and became a pop culture legend, and would be a great addition to your “history in film making” book collection.

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Titan Books was kind enough to send me this copy for review and now I am going to pass it on to a visitor to Cool & Collected. Just enter a comment below with your favorite Jaws trivia (go ahead and wikipedia it) and I’ll pick a random winner on Friday September 28, 2012. Make sure to include your email address in the form so that I can contact you if you are selected (U.S. addresses only please!). THIS CONTEST IS NOW OVER. THANKS FOR PLAYING ALONG!


  1. says

    Very cool! Books like these are always an interesting read. And here’s an interesting tidbit.

    Steven Spielberg named the shark “Bruce” after his lawyer. How fitting! ;)

  2. says

    Very cool! I’ve only been to the Vineyard a couple times but never with Jaws in mind. It’s a couple hours drive (and 30 minute boat) ride from where I live.

    No trivia because I have nowhere to keep this beast =)

  3. pjtek says

    “Although he goes uncredited, the baseball announcer we hear over the radio during one of the beach scenes is sports announcer, Charlie Jones. He was mostly known for football. All of the players he announces here are fictional.”

    Thanks for your site! I visit it daily!!

  4. says

    I’m probably totally going to flub this bit of trivia, but my favorite story of the filming was how often the shark didn’t work and how this actually enhanced the tone of the film. Having the shark unseen for so much of the film made it so much more menacing, particularly in the opening sequence with the girl night swimming. Time and time again, when I look at the flicks that I love the most, the ones that really stand out do so because of the limitations the filmmakers had to deal with and get creative to solve…

  5. says


    I’m still trying to find time to pop in the Jaws Blu-ray I picked up.

    As far as trivia, besides Shaw being drunk all the time he was also in trouble with the IRS and had to leave the country after he finished all of his scenes.

    • says

      Shaw wasn’t the first choice for the role, he replaced another actor who also had IRS trouble, Sterling Hayden. Lee Marvin was first choice but turned it down.

  6. says

    Being part of the League, I’m not even sure I’m eligible, but there’s a torn JAWS poster on a wall in the movie The Hills Have Eyes (which led Sam Raimi to stick a torn Hills Have Eyes poster on a wall in The Evil Dead, which led to the Evil Dead being on a TV in A Nightmare of Elm Street, which led to a Freddy glove being on a wall in Evil Dead II).

  7. says

    Hooper only lived in the film because of the accidental footage of the shark thrashing the cage being due to a real shark getting snagged in the cage when they filmed it.. with the wee stunt dude fortunately not in the cage at the time! :D

  8. Matt Kimber says

    Jeffrey Kramer played Deputy Hendricks, of course. He also played the coroner in “Halloween 2,” making him the only actor to exist in (and be employed by) both the fictional towns of Amity and Haddonfield.

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