Arrgh! A Christmas miss

Sorry Aunt T., but this all pirates are not the same. For Christmas, my 4-year old asked Santa for toys from Disney’s Jake and the Neverland Pirates, his favorite show. Unfortunately, getting the point across to the family was apparently not a simple task…

pirates of the caribbean action figures

Well, this missed the mark, so, who wants some Pirates of the Caribbean action figures? Make me an offer, and all proceeds will go directly towards adding Jake and Tic Toc Croc to my son’s toy chest. ALL offers will be considered, even ridiculous ones!


  1. Howie Decker says

    Ahoy! Yeah, I know all about the Jake Christmas- it was the big thing my son wanted besides Imaginext stuff. The previous commenters are right- there is Jake stuff on clearance at Target now. At our two Targets there are actually entire aisles dedicated to clearance items.

  2. Brian T.F. says

    You lucky dog,you.My five year old (daughter) wanted a cell phone and 2(more)ear piercings .My gift this year was talking her out of her choices without a meltdown.I can actually HEAR my hair turning grey…

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