Action figures for sale

I’m trying to clear out some space by selling in bulk. Make me an offer! And be sure to check out the TMNT figures I put up yesterday. Shipping will be $12 to U.S. addresses.


Those diecast Eagle Force figures are pretty sweet!



There’s plenty more to come, so if you want me to set aside any of these figures, let me know! I’ll gladly combine shipping with items listed in my online shop as well (those prices are negotiable since I’m in a selling mood!).


    • Brian says

      It’s a skill game where you try to get a marble through a maze. It’s lightweight plastic — a neat artifact from the 80’s.

      • says

        Ah! I was wondering thanks for the info on it Brian and good luck with the sales and i will be keeping my eye on them to see what all you will have because there might be something i want. : )

    • Brian says

      Yep, it’s the ToyBiz Marvel Legends Spiderman Classics 6″ Electro. There’s a bit of play wear so I’ll send you a close-up.

  1. says

    Brian, is the Black Suit Spidey still available? I’m interested in it as well as the Spidey mask, The Doc Ock and Electro, if it hasn’t been sold. Shoot me an email with what your asking for, please.

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