A Second Chance at Mondo’s Kill Bill Poster? nope.

Mondo, oh Mondo, why do you hurt me so? A few weeks ago, I tried placing an order on their site for the Kill Bill poster that sold out in under a minute. I had one in my cart but the site stalled on me before I could finish checking out (sound familiar to all you Matty collectors out there?).

I didn’t really think I would be lucky enough to actually score a copy of the poster, so I wasn’t too upset at the time. Of course, it didn’t help when copies were instantly available on eBay for $1,000!

Anyway, I let it go until this arrived in my inbox last night:

Kill Bill poster - mondo letter

Could it be? Did I still have a chance at this awesome Tyler Stout poster? I clicked like I was running a sprint in the old arcade version of Track & Field, but encountered this:

Kill Bill poster - mondo letter

Whawh, whawh. Cue sad Charlie Brown music.

Mondo, that knife hurts more when you twist it that way. sigh.


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