A quick tour of the Cool & Collected cave

I’m a firm believer that a man should have a cave–a place that is devoted to you and your passion. Of course, I think the ladies should have their own spaces as well, but usually, that consists of the rest of the house!

After a long day, I head to my cave to unwind in my comfy chair while watching bad movies and bad football games (I’m a Redskins fan, they are ALL bad). I’ve posted these photos in various posts before, but it’s a slow news day and I thought I’d post them again in a single place. So, welcome to my cave, and don’t hit your head on the ceiling as you enter…

bat cave - Wall of first edition books

I collect modern first edition books. It looks like I need more shelves–a constant struggle.

bat cave - vintage Batman and Superman collection

The older books and toys are displayed in a lighted bookcase with glass doors.

bat cave - first editions book collection

A neat old tin windup train I found at a thrift shop a while ago looks great on the shelf.

bat cave - vintage archer spacemen collection

Vintage Archer spacemen sit on the top of the piano (looks like I need to dust a little bit).

bat cave - vintage toy collection

I love an organized collection, but I’m also a fan of a little chaos.

bat cave - King Kong collection

Some of my favorite King Kong items. That lobby card is actually framed and hanging on the wall now, but I always liked this photo.

bat cave- collection with a Mondo Westworld poster

This photo is a little older and there’s quite a jumble at the bottom. The Westworld poster was my first Mondo print, and still one of my favorites. The Buck Rogers sign is a header from an old arcade machine.

bat cave - vintage camera collection

I have a couple of shelves with vintage box cameras lined up. These cameras are a dime a dozen, but I can’t stop buying them when I come across them. They really do look great when you pair them together.

There’s plenty more to see in the cave, but I’ll save that for another day. Hope you enjoyed the tour!



      • says

        HAHA! Close. No, I don’t even have one anymore. I converted the dining room into a bar and then into a play room. We have an extra bedroom that was to be my cave but it quickly turned into a storage room. I use the “bonus” room that really only has enough room for my DVD’s, books, computer and desk. I have some limited wall space for posters but I haven’t got around to framing the posters I want to hang.

        I need a basement again.

  1. says

    Awesome cave. Wish I had one. Will probably use some of my room as my cave, since that’s where I am at mostly. Looking at affordable book cases as we speak.

  2. kngfu says

    I have action figure shelves up in the little bathroom in the laundry room. We call it the “secret bathroom” as we don’t let anyone outside of the family see it. My wife’s decision by the way.

    • says

      OF COURSE that was your wife’s decision! I had to laugh at how sad your comment was, having to hide your shame in the “secret bathroom.” Maybe you need to introduce your wife to some of the pictures of collections on my site to show her that your collecting habit is totally justified and under control. 😉

  3. north-exit says

    That IS a great room, I’d love something akin to a man cave myself, but alas a small two bedroom apartment doesn’t allow for such an indulgence.

    Thankfully my other half is happy to have me do as I wish with the rest of our home… so no worries!

  4. Greg says

    LOVE that WESTWORLD poster !!!

    Love your first editiions!!!

    GREAT room!!!!

    I have my garage set up with all my books and most of my toys…and an entertainment center (with Sega, ps2, xbox and Nintendo and all the old video games)

    I am hoping to have another office with built ins like this someday soon when we move!

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