1966 Batman Movie Posters

EMovieposter.com has a couple of great foreign Batman posters up for sale in their Tuesday auction this week. Check out this huge two-sheet from Italy. The gang’s all there, the Riddler, the Joker, Catwoman, the Penguin, and you can’t leave out that evil shark latched on to Batman’s leg in the lower right corner!

The French one sheet seems almost subdued after looking at that Italian poster, but it is still a whole lot of awesome:

I love these old posters! They’re already out of my price range due to the fact that I’m a cheap bastard, but I can still dream. I’d love to know the history behind the red bat suit on that Italian poster.

Photos reproduced with permission from emovieposter.com


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    would like some information about a black and white, 1966, batman movie poster, Adam West, the bat helicopter is upper left, the bat car center bottom, the Joker, The Riddler to the left then Batman and Robin with Cat woman and the Pengwin to there right?

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